Welcome to Aphex Web Design! We pride ourselves on being the best in providing affordable, professional, high quality web design, web graphics and web development solutions.

We believe web sites should not be a marketing solution limited to the wealthy. To compete in today’s global economy, a company must take full advantage of today’s marketing tools. A web site is today’s best way of advertising to the global consumer. Whether it’s a complete web site, company logo, simple graphic or template design we can provide you with your web design solution. We specialize in design as we are artists at heart and it is this love of design that we will work for you at low cost.

A website should take full advantage of today’s programming technologies. A web site must be attractive but it is the content that will keep your customer coming back. That content should be dynamic! Within the next few months we plan on providing a database solution. We will be using PHP with a mySql management system to integrate the database into your website.

There is no other industry than the web that has as many emerging new technologies. We stay on top of the game by keeping up to date with all the latest technologies and implementing them in your web solutions, with browser compatibility in mind.